Course: 100 - Implementing Visual Business Scoreboards


Learn how to implement and use Business Scoreboards for communication, and focus on improvement actions. Use to establish a standard business process for reporting business performance and effectiveness of improvement actions.
Format On-site Training
Time 1 Day intensive or 3 week part time.
Cost Contact for prices
Who should attend All Employees
Prerequisites None


This course uses a combination of techniques from Balanced Scorecard and Lean Manufacturing Visual Managment to create a new process called the Visual Business Scoreboard (VBS) reporting process. The course covers the concept and application of scoreboards for business performance reporting and linking improvement actions to achieving business goals and objectives. After completing this course the participant will be able to create a Visual Business Scoreboard and use it to efficiently and effectively use it to communicate the business performance of his or her area of responsibility. A Coordinator is appointed and trained to assist in the implementation of each students Visual Business Scoreboard and the auditing and reporting process.

Topics Covered:

Participants Skills:

Upon completing this course each participant will be able to:

Upon completing this course the Coordinator will be able to:

Course & Business Process Materials Provided:

Each student attending the course receives:

The person appointed as "Coodinator", attending the course receives:

Course Timetable:

People in Operations or Management postions have conflicting priorities and many demands for their time. Two alternatives courses time tables are available to minimize participant time spent away from work, and give each person the flexibility to advance at their own pace.

First Use Project:

Using the Visual Business Scoreboard reporting process each Participant creates an office or shopfloor Scoreboard for their area of responsibility. Each Participant is expected to collect data, reports, establish performance reporting measures and improvement ideas to create their first Scoreboard. The Instructor inspects the Scoreboards and assigns a grade of "pass" or "continue first use" for each Participant until a passing grade is achieved.