Course: 101 - Introduction to Waste Reduction


Learn how to identify and attack waste, and improve business processes using Process Mapping. Use the provided workbook to guide you in finding waste in your business and identify potential cost savings.
Format On-site Training
Time 1 Day
Cost Contact for prices
Who should attend All Employees
Prerequisites None


Lean Manufacturing is all about finding and removing waste from business processes. The course covers the different kinds of waste found in both manufacturing and office business processes. Learn how to look at processes and use the "Waste Reduction" checklists to find waste. The course also covers Process Mapping and how to use this simple but powerful technique to document existing and new improved processes. Also learn how to use the provided workbook to guide you step-by-step through documenting processes, identifying waste, finding improvments, and finally calculating and reporting the benefits found. After completing this course the participant will be able to investigate manufacturing and business processes, identify forms of waste found, identify improvement actions, calculate the benefits and produce a waste reduction report to share with the rest of the organization.

Topics Covered:

Participants Skills:

Upon completing this course each participant will be able to:

Course & Business Process Materials Provided:

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Course Timetable:

This training course is delivered in a one day classroom session.

First Use Project:

Each Participant must complete and receive a grade of "Pass" on fourteen (14) waste reduction projects. Each project will be documented using the Waste Reduction Workbook. The Instructor will inspect each Waste Reduction Workbook and assess a "Corrections Required" or "Pass" for each project. Participants are expected to continue working until receiving a "Pass" on all fourteen projects.