Course: 102 - Creating Effective Teams


Learn about what makes some teams fail and how to create effective work teams. Use provided workbook to guide team development and use the self-assessment survey to track team performance.
Format On-site Training
Time 1 Day
Cost Contact for prices
Who should attend All Employees
Prerequisites None


The course covers the different types of team's, what can cause a team to perform poorly or fail, and a series of tools to create and sustain an effective team. After completing this course the participant will be able to identify what type of team is required, create a team, identify team problems and take preventive and corrective action to improve team performance. The participant will also be able to identify when the team's job is done and how to spread the teams knowledge to the organization and then close the team.

Topics Covered:

Participants Skills:

Upon completing this course each participant will be able to:

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Course Timetable:

This training course is delivered in one 1 day classroom session.

First Use Project:

No specific First Use Project is defined for this course. The Instructor will assist Participants create a new team or help improve the effectiveness of an existing team.